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Partnership with Kajabi

Today, the cost of starting your own business has decreased significantly thanks to many great tools out there on the internet.One that I specifically like is the all-in-one online business platform Kajabi.Kajabi has helped me immensely to bring new ideas to life in record speed and unbeaten simplicity, while having everything I need in one place.I believe in the potential that Kajabi opens for every individual who wants to taste entrepreneurship firsthand, without having technical knowledge.That's why I became a Partner at Kajabi and shoot short tutorial videos about Kajabi to show you my tips & tricks to get the most out of it.

Kajabi Partner

Players On Cards

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been fanatic about football/soccer, traded my pocket money for Panini stickers at the local gas station and learned statistics about players and clubs by heart.Little did I know back then that the Panini thing will stick with me even in my 20’s. Although it’s now also about cards and not only stickers, and besides Panini other brands play a role, the world of sports cards has given me room to feel like little me again sometimes. :)With influences from the United States and other sports like basketball and baseball, there has been quite a shift in football/soccer sports cards as well. From grading companies that allow to distinguish premium assets from pure collectibles to eBay focusing heavily on the sports card vertical lately – trading sports cards has become a way to turn a fun hobby into a side income.On, I’m sharing insights on managing my sports card collection and help those who are interested with strategies & tactics to pull that off as well.

Players On Cards


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